Alucraft Group Guiding Principles

Vision and Mission

As part of our Continuous Improvement Programme, the senior management team for both Alucraft and Williaam Cox came together to review and update the Vision and Mission Statements for both companies last year. This was an important and integral step for our team allowing both teams to set out our vision for the future to be the “Employer of Choice” in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Continious Improvement

The next step involved setting new core values for the Group and defining what those values will mean to all individuals within our Group. It was vital that these values had buy-in from all employees to encompass the most pressing values. As a result a team was set up which included 10 individuals from across the organisation and senior managment members.

Across 2019, various brainstorming and review sessions were held which culminated with eight Guiding Principles and new branding for our offices.

Our Guiding Principles

Our eight Guiding Principles will now form the backbone of our organisation and will underpin the success of our vision for the future.

Inspiring Behaviour Guiding Principle Poster

Respect the Individual Poster

Innovate for the Future Poster

Excellence through Pride Poster

A Healthy Work Life Poster

One Team Poster

Our Backbone Poster

Fun Working Environment Poster


Stairwell Guiding Principles Posters

Canteen Wall Guiding Principles


Guiding Principle Launch Event – Chain Reaction!

To launch the guiding Principles we held an event which would instill the Guiding Principles. This event brought together our entire team including Sites, Producion and Office staff. Check out the event below!

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