COVID-19 Pandemic Response

One of the Guiding Principles of our organisation is ‘A Healthy Worklife’ whereby we recognise and take action to protect one another’s health, wellbeing and safety. This principle was put to test as we responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are very proud of how our teams across the Group reacted and responded to the challenges faced.

Here in this infographic we round up the various ways we, as an organisation, immobilised and took action to ensure that we could continue to deliver on our commitments, while also keeping all our staff safe. We invested heavily in PPE, work from home equipment alongside investing in our premises to ensure a safe environment for our staff, those who returned to sites and for those who returned to our production facility and offices.

In March we launched an internal communications platform, Workvivo, which meant that we could keep all our staff updated on developments while also sharing some light-hearted fun throughout the lockdown. We ran Pulse Surveys, virtual town halls and we looked after the wellbeing of our staff by introducing exercise classes and mental health talks to encourage people to look after their mind and body.

We would like to thank all our dedicated staff, sub-contractors and suppliers who ensure we are compliant with government guidelines at all times.

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