Happy Birthday Alucraft – BBQ

Alucraft is 40 years this year and to celebrate we had a staff barbecue.  We all pitched in, Graham, Bernard & Darren did the barbequing and we all survived.  Sonia, Karen, Anna, Jennifer, Collette and Matt did the rest.  Thankfully, the rain stayed away and we even had two cakes.  A special thanks to Martin’s wife for the delicious chocolate fudge cake.

Jack gave a great speech about how far we have come as a company.  And it’s true, we’ve grown massively in the last couple of years.  You could really see how we’ve grown when we took the staff photo, at least 25 people weren’t there and we still couldn’t fit everyone in.

As a special memento of our 40 years in Business Rory & Jack organised commemorative jackets for all the staff (modelled by some of our Design team).  They’re really nice actually, the logo is nice and discreet and the jacket is really good quality.  And I see them being worn every day, which is the real vote of approval.

Here’s to the next 40 years in business.

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