Health & Wellbeing Initiatives

We recognise that the workplace can play a vital role in promoting both the health and the wellbeing of its employees. We are also aware that the statistics surrounding suicide in both Ireland and the UK are stark, even more so in the construction sector. This was something that we, as a company could not ignore and in response we went about implementing measures to support our staff both mentally and physically.

It is vital to us that we signpost employees towards help for their mental health and in doing so, reduce the stigma surrounding it. In 2018 we brought on board an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Health Assured which supports our employees 24/7 with caring and compassionate support services. It offers a suite of wellbeing services, offering assistance with physical and mental health issues, financial difficulties and other life challenges.

We have also introduced health screening for all our employees in conjunction with the Construction Workers Health Trust (CWHT) which will help keep our entire team informed on their general physical health. The screening involves:

  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Full Cholesterol Screen
  • Lung Function Test
  • Diabetes Test
  • Height, Weight & Body Mass Index
  • Heart Health Advice
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Dietary Advice

Rory O’Sulivan (HR Director), Helen (CWHT Nurse) and Tom Hetherington (H&S Manager)

We endeavour to support all our staff in this more holistic manner and in doing so, not only protect them from the physical dangers associated with the construction sector, but also support their health and wellbeing.

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