Corporate Social Responsibility

Alucraft Group Corporate
Responsibility Pillars

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is integral to our business and is encapsulated within these four pillars:


As a responsible and forward-thinking company, our commitment to sustainable solutions for the building envelope is total and far reaching, covering everything from the materials we use to the behaviours we adopt. Alucraft is committed to safeguarding the environment by setting the highest operating standards and techniques. Our aim is to minimise the effects on the environment of the company’s manufacturing processes and associated operational activities. We demonstrated our commitment to the Environment by gaining the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management accreditation.


Alucraft continuously strives to make a positive impact on our community through various activities. A host of charitable sponsorships, employee volunteerism and fundraising activities has allowed us to give back to those most in need in our community. Our aim is to enrich and support the local community we operate within and the wider communities our employees live in through sponsorship activities. We invest in charities who are close to our employees’ hearts and incentivise fundraising activities through a donation matching programme.


Our vision is to be the employer of choice in Ireland and the UK and we strive to achieve this by empowering and motivating our team. We enable people to reach their full potential by investing in their skillset and personal development. We provide a safe and healthy environment for all staff to work in. We also go a step further in rewarding and recognising those who go above and beyond in both their field and their ability to support their colleagues. We hold our Guiding Principles in high esteem, and they set the benchmark for both management and the wider team.


We support our team reaching their maximum potential and aspirations through continuous encouragement and supporting further education. We remain at the forefront of our industry by deploying the most advanced technology across all our departments and upskilling our people to support these developments. We have skills matrices in operation to visually direct our management team where to best assign resources in order to broaden our team’s knowledge and expertise.

CSR in Action

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