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Summer Internships
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We also run 10-week Summer Internship Programmes from June – August in both Design and Engineering as well as Project Management. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a step ahead in your career but still have time to enjoy the summer!

Successful completion of the Internship Programme will fast-track you to the final round of interviews for our Graduate Programme.

Learn from the People who know:

Sean Kennelly
Architectural Technology Student
Alucraft Intern 2018

“I study building technology, building performance, services, details, everything that they do here I study in college, so it was really interesting to find something that matches up with what I study.”

“The highlight is probably seeing how everything is done here in this premises, the factory and the design team is here. I never realised that there is such a large area for specialist façade design until I came to Alucraft and realised there is almost 100 people working here, everyone has their own job and it all ties into one another.”

“They all work so well together. You design something in AutoCAD, Revit or Solidworks and then it’s actually made in the factory, so you see it going from 2D, to 3D, to actually physically holding it. You can go from saying you drew this up on a computer a few days ago and it’s amazing that it’s made and now ready to go to site.”

Joel Omokaro
Design & Manufacturing Engineer
Alucraft Intern 2018

“One thing I would tell a new graduate is that the staff are very friendly, and you will learn a lot in a short period of time, even more than you would learn in college from working with experts who have been using these programmes and have such deep understanding of the construction industry. It really is an opportunity to learn.”

Cillian Murray
Structural Engineer Student
Alucraft Intern 2019

“Working with Alucraft even just for a short period of time, has been a very rewarding learning experience. To see real life examples of calculations and formulas being used for the design and production of components gives new meaning to the theoretical applications learned in University and will really enhance what I have already learned in the lecture room environment. Seeing first-hand, the installation of the components on site gives a greater appreciation of how the design becomes an end product. All of this was made possible by the very experienced colleagues that I had the opportunity to work with and who generously shared their extensive knowledge with me.”

Looking for a Placement or Internship outside
of the Summer period?

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