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Rainscreen Cladding are panelling systems designed to shield a wall from direct rain.  A method originally developed by the Norwegians back in the late 1960’s The vertical and horizontal joints between the panels will allow some water to penetrate the air cavity, but a minimum air gap combined with an air tight backing wall behind the panels (i.e. building interior) limits this water penetration to the designed wet zone.

Rainscreen Cladding or a Ventilated Façade is an economical method of achieving grand architectural intent in all climatic conditions. A ventilated cavity helps to control moisture and allows any thickness of ventilation be used to meet the most demanding of “U” values.  Air movement is significant in rain screen cavities and as pressure is equalised with ventilation, top or bottom of each façade.  Issues with condensation or problems with heat gain are minimised.

Materials used
  • Aluminium
  • ACM ( Alucobond or Reynobond)
  • Terracotta
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Cedar and other hard woods.

A similar range of accessories can be fitted into rainscreen elevations as that as shown in our curtain walling section.

  • Curtain Walling Sections.
  • Visible and framed opening vents.
  • Structurally glazed invisible vents. (Both options can be top, bottom, and side hung or tilt and turn)
  • Pop out Vents.
  • Smoke vents.
  • Shopfronts and doors.

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