Construction Safety Month October 2023

As part of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) October Safety Month, we actively promoted essential safety measures to ensure a secure working environment.

The topics we focussed on across the month were:

  1. Chemical Safety
  2. Working at Heights
  3. Transport Safety
  4. Machine Safety

Week 1

Our primary emphasis is on ‘Chemical Safety’. We took various measures to enhance awareness and ensure the well-being of our site teams.

Firstly, our site teams participated in online training and successfully completed the Health and Safety Authority Level 2 course in Chemical Safety awareness, underpinning our dedication to safety.

Additionally, our factory and site teams, consisting of 70 operatives, have engaged in on-site briefings. These sessions outline the critical safety policies that must be adhered to.



Week 2

Our Safety Manager Tom Hetherington conducted an on-site demonstration focusing on best practices for Working at Heights. The session included engaging discussions with our team members, addressing not only the procedures but also the importance of proper care and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE), which reinforces our overarching dedication to safety.


Week 3

We are committed to a safe working environment. It’s why we set and follow procedures for safe loading, unloading, and proper securing of materials during transport.

As winter begins to settle in, bringing darker mornings and evenings, it’s crucial to remember the significance of staying safe on the roads and in the workplace.

Vehicle Safety is a topic we have focussed on this week as part of Construction Industry Federation (CIF) October Safety Month. We carried out informative briefing sessions highlighting the importance of efficient and reliable operations. These sessions provided our on-site logistical team an opportunity to enhance their knowledge.


Week 4

We set and follow Machine Safety guidelines across our Factory and sites. This week, we have reiterated the crucial messages around this topic, emphasising the following key points for our staff:

  • Read the operating manual and follow the instructions given
  • Always wear machine-appropriate PPE
  • Only operate machinery for which you have received full training
  • Visually assess the machinery and its fixtures and fittings before use, looking for any potential problems
  • Tie back loose clothing and hair and remove any jewellery to avoid the risk of entanglement
  • Ensure that there are no slipping or tripping hazards in the vicinity
  • Ensure you know the location of the emergency stop (e-stop) button if one is present and make sure you can access it immediately if needed
  • Only fully trained technicians should conduct repairs and modifications

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